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Chris Koczaja

President of TenneSEIA

Chris Koczaja serves as LightWave Solar’s President and CEO, leading the company in its pursuit to deliver high quality and cost effective solar power solutions. Previous to this role, he…

David Adams

Secretary of TenneSEIA

David brings a sustainable approach to engineering and design. He understands that the best solutions to a problem take into account not only financial and physical limitations, but also social…

John Kemp

Treasurer of TenneSEIA

John M Kemp  Avangird Renewables, Senior Business Development Manager  John Kemp started in the solar development business in 2008 founding Earth Right Energy, INC. During his tenure at ERE, John…

Brion Fitzpatrick

Vice President

Experienced commercial and utility scale solar energy developer, developing over 60 projects in 16 US states. Specializing in: New market development, Utility/DG scale solar land development, & Government affairs. •…

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Attend the next conference!

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© 2023 TenneSEIA Solar Association. All Rights Reserved.

 © 2023 TenneSEIA Solar Association. All Rights Reserved.