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The TenneSEIA, “Tennessee – Powered by Sunshine” specialty plate, will be available to anyone with a vehicle registered in the State of Tennessee. The cost to pre-order is $35.00. with proceeds benefitting TenneSEIA (Tennessee Solar Energy Industries Association). 100% of funds raised through the specialty license plate will be spent on education and outreach regarding solar initiatives. Your support is important for TenneSEIA as we work to expand solar in Tennessee.

We have to pre-sell 1,000 plates before the State begins production, and we need your help to reach this goal by June 30th, 2023. If we are successful, they would become available to Tennessee residents who are registering a private passenger motor vehicle. The annual fee for a specialty license plate in Tennessee is currently $61.50 (versus the standard plate fee of $26.50). $30.75 of the additional $35 collected would be allocated to TenneSEIA and would become a major source of our funding supporting our education and outreach efforts. Note: This pre-order cost is $37 if paid by Credit Card (Stripe).

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Common Questions and Answers:

Where does my $35 go?

Ninety percent of revenue from the sale would go directly to the Tennessee Solar Energy Industries Association. The rest goes to the state of Tennessee to cover the cost of manufacturing the plate. 100% of funds raised through the specialty license plate will be spent on education regarding solar initiatives in the State of Tennessee and the Tennessee Valley.

What do I need to do after I submit the payment form? 

Not a thing! Once you submit your information and payment, you’re all set. When the minimum number of orders are placed, you’ll receive a letter from the State of Tennessee at the address you provided. That will let you know your plate is at your county office for pickup.

Do I have to renew my registration to pre-order a plate?

No, your license plate pre-order does not have to coincide with your regular registration renewal.

What if I just renewed my plate?

Once you receive notice that your plate is ready, you can go immediately to your local County Clerk’s office to redeem your plate. If it does not coincide with your annual registration renewal, they will pro-rate your annual renewal fee. Or, if you prefer, the county clerk will hold the plate until it’s time to renew your registration.

Can I still personalize my plate?

Once the new plates have been produced and are available in the local county clerk’s office, you can apply for a personalized plate by completing the application for Tennessee personalized license plates and sending the application along with a $70 fee to the taxpayer and Vehicle Services Division.

What if 1,000 people don’t pre-order the specialty license plate? 

We are working hard to ensure that we achieve the minimum required pre-orders, and if possible we will apply for an one year extension on the campaign. But, if the minimum isn’t reached, you will receive an email letting you know and your total pre-order will be considered a donation to TenneSEIA.

How do I order my plate after the 1,000-preorder period has ended?

If the plates go into production by achieving 1000 pre-orders, you may purchase any additional plates at your local county clerk’s office at your renewal.

What if I already own a different specialty plate?

If you own more than one vehicle, you may want to order this specialty license plate. Registration applies to a single vehicle.

Is shipping included in the $35 fee?

There is no additional shipping fee. The TN Department of Revenue will mail letters to let customers know when their assigned plates will be in their local county clerk’s office.

Is this the final design of the plate?

Yes, but minor changes are possible.

I live outside of Tennessee. May I still pre-order a plate?

You must be a resident of Tennessee to purchase a ,”Tennessee Powered by Sunshine”, TenneSEIA, specialty license plate.

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© 2022 TenneSEIA Solar Association. All Rights Reserved.

 © 2022 TenneSEIA Solar Association. All Rights Reserved.