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Tennessee has become a fast growing state for solar energy. We truly believe a state industry group to represent companies developing, constructing, and operating solar assets and the potential political power they hold is key to the success of the overall solar industry in this state

The TenneSEIA Board includes solar installers and industry experts LightWave Solar Electric, RSI EnTech LLC, Silicon Ranch Corporation and Bradley Arant Boult Cummings law firm. The Board recently went through a strategic planning process where we outlined plans to move solar forward in the state over the next three years. We now feel confident in moving TenneSEIA forward, but in order to be successful, it is critical that we have support from EVERYONE in the industry.

Make sure YOUR voice is heard! TenneSEIA is only as strong as the members it represents in Tennessee. TenneSEIA will bring solar stakeholders together to speak as a united voice working to build a strong and successful solar industry.

Keep up-to-date on industry news! TenneSEIA will be a great resource for sharing industry knowledge among solar stakeholders. Be the first to know updates in the Tennessee solar industry.

Get support for solar-policies in TN! TenneSEIA will advocate for solar-friendly policy and legislation impacting the solar industry of Tennessee. TenneSEIA will develop policy recommendations and works with key decision-makers on policy and regulatory issues.

Be a part of the solar spotlight! TenneSEIA exists to make solar energy a mainstream energy source and to realize the full potential of the solar industry in Tennessee. TenneSEIA has the resources to produce the communication and professional media presence for the solar energy industry to establish a clear, consistent voice for the solar industry in Tennessee.


Companies that are current members of TenneSEIA. Click on each link for more information.


Would you like to talk to someone about membership with TenneSEIA?  Reach out to Hope Gamble, Membership Coordinator at: (502)-472-5817 or email:


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Attend the next conference!

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 © 2024 TenneSEIA Solar Association. All Rights Reserved.