As an industry association that represents the entire solar value chain here in Tennessee, it is important to our members that TenneSEIA actively engage the policy development process. We actively pursue the creation of policies that provide for an environment that is conducive to private sector growth and job creation. Through our initiatives and policy work our main focus is to increase end-user demand and expand Tennessee’s solar manufacturing base. Through public-private partnerships, TenneSEIA is committed to making solar energy a mainstream energy source in the state of Tennessee. Our focus is to communicate the economic benefits of our industry and help decision makers realize the potential for industry growth.

TVA Studies Value of Distributed Generation from Small Providers

Over the past several months TenneSEIA and other stakeholders have been engaged in a “value of solar” analysis with TVA. The process aims to identify a methodology in year one (2014) and program design features in year two (2015). In 2016, TVA will offer a new solar program that utilizes the methodology and design agreed to by the region’s stakeholders.

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TenneSEIA Letter to TVA

TenneSEIA recently sent a letter to TVA’s Vice President of Stakeholder Relations, Dr. Joe Hoagland, regarding the need to leverage the federal 30% investment tax credit (ITC) before it expires (or drops to 10% for non-residential projects) at the end of 2016. The idea to call TVA out on this issue was spawned by a discussion during TenneSEIA’s IRP working group call in March.

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Determining the Value of Solar

Last June (2013), at the TenneSEIA Stakeholder meeting, Karl Rabago presented on the "value of solar" and its unique benefits to a utility and the grid system, separate from and in addition to more qualitative societal benefits. Until recently, few utilities or policy makers had attempted to recognize or quantify solar's value beyond basic energy and (maybe) generating capacity benefits. Times are changing: Minnesota recently became the first state in the country to establish a value of solar methodology; and TVA, as with many utilities and states, is now pursuing a value of solar analysis.

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EPA’s Clean Power Plan – Primer

On June 2, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released their Clean Power Plan proposal, which focuses on regulating carbon pollution from existing electric power plants under Section 111(d) of the Clean Air Act. This proposed rule is both historic and long overdue, and is currently under evaluation with a public comment period that will last 120 days.

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Take Action

TenneSEIA depends on its amazing members and supporters to help us "TAKE ACTION" for solar energy. We encourage our members to engage in traditional advocacy activities including grassroots advocacy such as contacting state legislators and other government officials. As the legislative session begins, we will communicate regularly with members and supporters on ways to influence policy makers in support of this growing industry.

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