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Is TVA Causing a Solar [Market] Eclipse?

TenneSEIA, the Tennessee Solar Energy Industries Association, issued a press release yesterday about TVA’s decision to continue restricting the Green Power Providers program.

I agree with their President, Matt Beasley: “this decision indicates a genuine lack of commitment by TVA to its own program.”  The reality is that TVA is withdrawing support for solar power and, much like the solar eclipse we’ll all see on Monday, TVA is blocking the sun.

Earth Day Celebration: Plug-In Ceremony at Eastbridge Business Park

The Development Corporation of Knox County (TDC), Restoration Services, Inc. (RSI), and Vis Solis with their numerous partners hosted an Earth Day celebration of success and plug-in ceremony at Eastbridge Business Park on Friday, April 21.

Local and state officials and business professionals gathered at the scenic location to celebrate the recent successes in the 800-acre business park including a new, one-megawatt (MW) solar array...

Kingsport Power Public Hearing – March 31

A public meeting has been announced for the proposed Kingsport Power net-metering policy. Please attend the upcoming public meeting and speak out against the oppressive changes Kingsport has proposed to its net-metering policy. The public meeting in Kingsport will be held on March 31, 2016 from 8:00 am EDT to 10:00 am EDT at the Kingsport Center for Higher Education.

Please plan to attend, if you can, so that the Tennessee Regulatory Authority hears the voice of Tennessee’s solar advocates.

GTM Research: U.S. Investment Tax Credit extension would increase solar PV installations 54% through 2020 - SolarServer

"The impact will be most pronounced in the utility-scale sector, where ITC extension will increase deployments 73 percent through 2020. Given price trends in the utility solar sector, the five-year ITC extension will likely result in utility-scale solar contracts being signed for less than 4 cents per kilowatt-hour regularly over the next two years,” said Cory Honeyman, Senior Analyst at GTM Research."

Pickwick Electric Cooperative honored as 2015 TenneSEIA Solar Champion

The Tennessee Solar Energy Industries Association (TenneSEIA), awarded the 2015 Solar Champion Award today to Pickwick Electric Cooperative (PEC), at the reception following the organization’s annual meeting at the Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP office in Nashville.

“TenneSEIA is proud to present our Solar Champion Award to John Bowers and the Pickwick Electric Cooperative team for their leadership in solar within the local power company and cooperative community. Pickwick has been instrumental in furthering the advancement of solar penetration in the state and ‘moving the needle’ in terms of operating solar project capacity across the country,” Gil Melear-Hough, President of TenneSEIA.

Treasury Announces Decrease in Cash Grant Sequestration Rate from 7.3% to 6.8%

The Department of the Treasury has announced that, for fiscal year 2016, the Cash Grant (1) sequestration rate has decreased from 7.3 percent to 6.8 percent. The announcement is available here.

The change applies to Cash Grants paid on or after October 1, 2015, and on or before September 30, 2016, regardless of when the application was submitted to Treasury.

The effect of the sequester is that, if a solar project has an “eligible basis” of $1,000, then the 30 percent Cash Grant would be $300; however, the 6.8 percent sequester results in it being only $279.60 (as opposed to $278.10 for Cash Grants paid in the prior fiscal year).

White House Plan Calls for Even Greater Greenhouse Gas Reductions

The final version of the EPA's Clean Power Plan is even more ambitious than anticipated.

The most forceful action on climate change in U.S. history was set to be unveiled by the Obama administration Monday afternoon when it releases the final version of a rule that would slash heat-trapping emissions from power plants — a regulation made even stricter since it was proposed last year.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan uses state-by-state targets to cut emissions 32 percent by 2030 from levels recorded in 2005 — up from 30 percent in the draft version of the rule.

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